My name's Shannen. I'm  a portrait photographer based out of Toledo, Ohio. Here on the blog, you'll find posts such as recent work, personal stuff, and vacation experiences! Feel free to browse around the blog to see some of my awesome clients, and get to know me a little better! 

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Like a lot of photographers in 2020, my schedule was a little bare. I wasn’t booking weddings and not nearly enough couples to help pay the bills. So I made the decision to set aside my niche and open my books to just about anyone. I shot a variety —  from weddings and couples to […]


Time to Pick a Niche, Girl!

Best of 2019 | Shannen Arnett Photography

Twenty-nineteen. The end of a decade. Where do I start? 2019 was a year of extreme growth for Shannen Arnett Photography. It’s the year I finally found my editing style, started focusing purely on weddings and elopements, and the first time I decided to chase after this crazy dream of running my own business. In […]

Couples, Weddings

Best of 2019 | Shannen Arnett Photography

Priya + Tyler | New Riff Distillery | Cincinnati, Ohio | Wedding Photographer

I have had the opportunity to shoot this stunning couple at The New Riff Distillery. It was such a dream. I had heard through the photography grapevine that shooting at this venue is a must to, and I am so glad I finally got to! Everything from the huge windows, the exterior, heck even the […]


Priya + Tyler | New Riff Distillery | Cincinnati, Ohio | Wedding Photographer